184 Papanui Rd, Merivale
Christchurch 8014
New Zealand
phone 64-3-355-0643

House of Cards

The Friendly Bridge Club.

The House of Cards was created by Tina McVeigh and Graeme Tuffnell in 1999. They saw a need to have a club which was non-threatening and friendly. Competitions here are still keenly fought here but the spirit of the club prevails above all else. At our club, you will make friends as well as find new bridge partners. You can come on your own and we will always find you a partner. Just turn up 10 minutes before the session starts.

Here is our team!

Jenny - teaching bridgeJenny Wilkinson, a current member of the NZ Women’s team, has represented her country on countless occasions. She is an accomplished teacher and her enthusiastic approach to life (and of course bridge) is a vital asset to the House of Cards. She is also a great person to go on holiday with!

Liz - Bridge teacher







Liz Armstrong, a current member of the Canterbury Women’s team, is also a welcome addition to our club. She directs and supervises sessions at the House of Cards with grace and style and her efficient organisational style is amazing.