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I love the uncluttered nature of these bridge books! The way they focus on just the one topic, with clear explanation and examples of what you need to know - no waffle, no digression - and all written in that delightfully readable style of theirs.' - Helen Gardner.

These books are designed to help you improve your game. They concentrate on the basics of the game which is all that is needed to play well. Where should you start? 'The Bridge Book' is a good book to start with. It's our most popular book and ideal for new players and those wanting an easy reference.

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The Bridge Book

A simple, clear description of the Acol system. This is the basic 'Bible'. You can play a good game of bridge by understanding the principles of bridge.

Good for new students and also excellent for revision.


Acol at a Glance - Flipper

A concise summary of the Acol system, designed for quick reference at the bridge table.


bridge book

Common Mistakes
We all make them, don't we. Here are 24 of the best for you to puzzle over.

bridge book

Common Mistakes with Arrow cards
This is a brilliant way of eliminating mistakes. Play all the hands on the cards and then consult the book to see if you were correct. An excellent way to improve at home with friends.


Bridge Tips

24 tips with hands to set up and play at home.

Tips from Paul Marston, Ron Kinger and others, covering all types of hands and topics. A great present for your bridge partner.



What do I lead? What does partner's card mean? how do we defeat this contract. Learn about leads, signals and general defensive skills.

Don't forget. You are defending more often than playing the hand.


Notrumps are easy!

Banish your fears. Sections on bidding, declarer play and defence.


Stayman and Transfers

No more worries about finding the right contract. Learn to bid accurately over notrump openings.

Transfers in particular are a vital tool.


Slam Bidding

What makes a strong hand? It's not necessarily points. Learn the techniques to find out if slam is probable.


Competitive Bidding

Many players give up too quickly in the auction. Learn when to bid a lot and when not to!

Topics include overcalls, doubles, sacrificing and the Law of Total Tricks


Weak 2s and Beyond

Get in to the auction as soon as you can. Make life difficult for your opponents!
Weak two bids, pre-empts and a new structure of strong openings.


Partnership Manual

This is a book for the more experienced partnerships. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. This book is designed to give you a good basis to make partnership decisions. You can work your way through possible conventions and decide together what you are comfortable playing.


Double without Trouble

This book is a must for the keen player. It is probable that you don't double enough. Double is an amazingly useful weapon.

Learn how to use it fearlessly at all levels.



House of Cards Set

A great bargain. All 13 books for only $160.00



Recipe Book

Best Recipes from the House of Cards. Bridge tips with the recipes!
Only $15.00

This is a great present for your bridge friends.


'Three against one.'


Lovely vibrant greeting card.
Only $5.00


Bidding Pad

Each pad is 200 pages.
$4.00 per pad.


 Language of Bidding- Paul Marston

A great book for the intermediate player with lots of examples and quizzes.

Principles of Card Play- Paul Marston

A must for the player who wants to be a good declarer.



Bridge Boards

$10.00 each.



Wooden Card Holder

Easy to use and impossible for opponents to see your cards! 

Only $20.00



Tally Cards

Entertaining 2 or 3 tables? These cards help you organise the players so you all have a turn playing with each other.
Only $5.00


Quality Cards

These cards are plastic coated and will last you a long time.


Piatnik Cards

Beautiful double packs.


Bridge Baron Download

Hours and hours and hours of fun.



Bridge Master Class by Ron Klinger

MasterClass - Ron Klinger

Learn from the master.


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