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The Bridge Book - NZ Acol

This book for beginners has been especially tailored to follow the new NZ Bridge Acol lessons. The book contains all the lesson content with supporting quizzes. The book does not contain conventions or advanced concepts. It is designed to cover the basics of Acol for new and improving players. New players will enjoy the simplicity of the book's layout and its clear and unambiguous language.

Our price to bridge clubs is $10 per book for a minimum of 10 books. The retail price of the book is $15.

Beginner's Access to Online Play
All NZ Bridge lessons are available free online for students during their beginners’ classes. The Introduction Lesson does not have any hands to practice as the programme does not have a mini-bridge option. All other lessons, apart from Scoring, have 8 hands to play.

Sky Bridge Club can be linked to from the NZ Bridge home page. Simply click 'Play Online' and you will go directly to the site. 

Go to and choose LOG IN along the top bar.

Then choose Register. Put in your email and choose a username and a password. Your username can be anything! 

Go to Profile, then Bidding System   and select the following:
  • Opening 1 or 1 shows 5 cards or 4 cards?

    4 cards

    Opening 1NT shows 15-17 hcp or 12-14 hcp?

    12-14 hcp

    Opening 2D,2H or 2S shows weak or strong?

    Do you play transfers? (Standard or Acol)


    Do you play Benjamin ACOL?


    Choose the ASK option in the top bar and the lesson menu will appear. Choose the relevant lesson from the Beginners’ column.

    The accompanying hands for each lesson can be accessed by a link at the top of the lesson. You can read the lesson if you wish or just play the hands. Lesson 1 does not have any hands to play as you have not yet learnt to bid.

    All the lesson hands are free.

     When you play, you are always South at the bottom of your screen. You are playing against the computer. You can redeal the hand at any time via the button at the top of your screen. There’s also a Hint button on the top right.

    If students wish to upgrade to full Royal Membership at any time, the cost is US$10 per month.